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Services for Business Operator

Domestic Matters

Contract Review & Drafting

How to reflect the outcome of negotiation in a contract is a very important point from the aspect of preventive legal services.

Contract Negotiation

We offer comprehensive services including negotiating various contracts, along with preparing and signing agreements.

Internal Disputes

We engage in the settlement of disputes among directors (e.g., disputes between the current executives and the former ones) and among stockholders. Also, we deal with post-dispute procedures.

Corporate Governance

A company requires establishing systems of legal compliance and internal control to sustain long-term development. We offer services such as the establishment of these systems, also dealing with corporate misconduct.

Labor Cases / Labor-Management Issues

Employees are vital to continuing business, and also, labor management and the improvement of the working environment are essential to business activities. We handle the following labor cases: preventive legal services such as consultation on the management of working hours and establishment of labor regulations; labor tribunal decisions; and measures against a labor union.

Debt Collection

Conducting proper management of debt such as accounts receivables, etc. is taken on top priority in debt collection. When debts, unfortunately, become uncollectible, appropriate legal actions are essential to promptly collect the debts. We endeavor to take such measures as inspection of debtors’ assets which is expected to be allocated for bad debts recovery by using accumulated know-how.

Intellectual Property

We provide wide-ranging legal advice on procedures of and management of a shareholders meeting, drawing up the documents necessary for the shareholder meeting. Additionally, we deal with corporate misconduct, offering services such as the structure of the compliance system to prevent potential misconduct and compliance training courses for employees.

Business Succession / M&A

We provide legal advice regarding intellectual property rights. For example, we conduct such legal actions as demand for the suspension of infringements and damages, providing advice on applying for trademark registration and a patent.

Bankruptcy / Corporate Reorganization / Civil Rehabilitation / Voluntary Liquidation

If a company’s liabilities exceed its assets, the company has the following options to avoid a bankruptcy petition regarded as a last resort: the proceedings of corporate reorganization; civil rehabilitation; and voluntary liquidation. We offer proposals for the best choice depending on the situation, together with filing a petition for and taking measures against these issues appropriately.

International Matters

English Contract Review & Drafting / Contract Translation

In international transactions, which are conducted between people with a different cultural background, scrutinizing the contents of a contract and completing the contract which complies with the terms of the agreement are more necessary than those in domestic transactions. We offer services including reviewing and drafting a contract written in English as well as translating.

Overseas Business Expansion

When expanding business overseas, from the aspect of not only business but also legal affairs, a company needs to conduct a preliminary survey, have discussion and preparation, and improve comprehensive risk control suitable for the overseas fields. In particular, we support small and medium-sized companies which aim at expanding their businesses overseas.

International Transactions

International transactions require an accurate understanding of how the type and level of risk are in the current direction. Additionally, aiming at realizing the contents of the agreement, careful negotiation is required. We negotiate in place of our clients, accompanying them to the negotiating table, and providing advice on indispensable contractual terms.

Foreign Labor Management / Labor-Management Disputes / Residential Status Related Issues

It appears that foreign employees will become increasingly important for future domestic business activities; however, cross-cultural misunderstandings are inevitable problems. We handle such disputes as residential status related issues, problems specific to foreigners, general labor-management disputes with foreign employees as the adverse party, and labor management to avoid the preceding disputes.

International Litigation / International Arbitration

Needless to say, considering expenses and others, avoiding disputes through preventive legal services is the best solution. When a legal dispute unfortunately occurs, we make the following proposals as a way of the settlement of the dispute: which to choose, litigation or arbitration; and which organization is suitable for the case. We find an attorney in the country where the trial is held, conferring with the said attorney in English in place of our clients, and attending the meeting together.

Services for Individual Clients

Domestic Matters

General Civil Cases

We deal with various issues in a wide range of areas related to civil cases including a request for reimbursements and traffic accidents.

Divorce / Child Issues

Divorce proceedings require appropriate legal support tailored to each type of divorce; divorce by agreement, by conciliation, and litigation. We provide professional advice on divorce settlement including division of matrimonial properties, demand for compensation money, parental authority or child custody, child support, visitation rights, and matters involving children such as abduction. Also, we have extensive know-how to collect unpaid child support.

Inheritance / Testament

When the issues of property succession occur, we undertake such matters as property division and a request for heir’s legally reserved portion, taking measures against the issue of property succession in cooperation with a tax accountant or other professions. Also, we provide advice on drawing up a will.

Guardianship / Property Management

We provide legal services necessary for property management and legal custody of elderly persons and persons with disabilities. Specifically, we undertake to petition for the guardianship of an adult, draw up a voluntary guardianship agreement, and manage their properties under a property management contract.

Labor Cases

We widely handle labor cases including requests for the confirmation of clients’ status, unpaid wages against unfair dismissal as well as a claim for damages against diverse harassment.

Liquidation (Voluntary Liquidation / Bankruptcy / Individual Rehabilitation)

We offer the optimal solution selected from the options to consolidate multiple debts.

Criminal Cases / Juvenile Cases

Regarding criminal law cases, we provide defense activities at each stage of the suspect and the accused; however, we perform defense activities with a special focus on dropping the charge and not being indicted. In juvenile cases, we also undertake the attendant of the juvenile.

International Matters

General Civil Cases Involving Foreign Residents (Traffic Accidents / Financial Troubles, etc.)

Just like the Japanese, foreign residents in Japan are also sometimes involved in such disputes as a traffic accident and a financial trouble, facing a legal issue. We conduct a legal consultation in English; therefore, please feel free to contact us even if you do not speak Japanese.

International Family Issues (International Divorce / Child Issues / Inheritance, etc.)

International family disputes require more solid legal support than domestic ones.
We provide legal support for such issues as a foreigner’s divorce, divorce from a foreigner, Hague Convention cases, international issues involving a parent-child relationship, and international inheritance cases.

Residential Status / Citizenship

We provide advice on the acquisition of, change of, and renewal of residential status. Additionally, we undertake to apply for residential status on behalf of the foreign residents, conducting a consultation about citizenship.

Deportation / Refugees

We take measures against the deportation procedure. We undertake to apply for special residence permission and refugee status on behalf of the refugees and to file a lawsuit over revoking the refugee status.


(1)Legal Consultation

5,500 yen per 30 minutes(tax included)

(2)Domestic Matters

All fees listed below are our standard fees in general civil cases. Our fees may vary depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case; therefore, we explain the estimate fees during the legal consultation.

Fixed Charge System

■Retainer Fee (Initial Fee, known as “Chakushu-kin”)

Items Retainer Fee (Initial Fee, known as “Chakushu-kin”)
The case of the amount of economic benefit is
3 million yen or less
8.8%(tax included) of the economic benefit ~
(The minimum amount is 110,000 yen(tax included).)
The case of over 3 million yen and
30 million yen or less
5.5%(tax included) plus 99,000 yen(tax included) ~
The case of over 30 million yen and
300 million yen or less
3.3%(tax included) plus 759,000 yen(tax included) ~
The case of over 300 million yen 2.2%(tax included) plus 4,059,000 yen(tax included) ~

■Attorney’s Fee (Final Fee, known as “Bengoshi Ho-shu”)

Items Attorney’s Fee (Final Fee, known as “Bengoshi Ho-shu”)
The case of the amount of economic benefit is
3 million yen or less
17.6%(tax included) of the economic benefit ~
(The minimum amount is 110,000 yen(tax included).)
The case of over 3 million yen and
30 million yen or less
11%(tax included) plus 198,000 yen(tax included) ~
The case of over 30 million yen and
300 million yen or less
6.6%(tax included) plus 1,518,000 yen(tax included) ~
The case of over 300 million yen 4.4%(tax included) plus 8,118,000 yen(tax included) ~

Time Charge System

33,000 yen per hour (tax included) ~

(3)International Matters

Our fees may vary depending on the complexity and difficulty of the case; therefore, we explain the estimate fees during the legal consultation.